I understand that we are shifting to a "minimum 2-week" cadence, but I'm
not sure exactly what that means. Reading Mikhail's email, it sounds like
we plan to run each test for one week, and then have one week "off" to
analyze those results and to prepare for the following test. Is that true?

Regardless of those details, would it be helpful to have a "recipe" for
each test? To know that on Day T-7, we would be thinking about X, and by
Day T-4, we had better have Y in place. And then to expect Z by day T+8.
Basically, to document all the little steps that might be necessary or
optional before, during, and after a test.

If that seems helpful, I can create a phab task to create and populate a
wiki page with that kind of information. Obviously the population of that
page would have to be a group effort, with input from product, engineering,
analysis, and possibly others.

Kevin Smith
Agile Coach, Wikimedia Foundation
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