A few of us met this morning, to ensure that we have a plan for everyone in
the department to be productive on Gerrit Cleanup Day (Wednesday
2015-09-23). We think most folks are accounted for, and came up with ideas
for others.

I added Gerrit Cleanup Day as an upcoming event on our wiki page[1], and
created a page with the proposed plan[2] that came out of this morning's

Action items prior to the day (mostly listing them here for my own

   - Erik will coordinate with the developers to help them be productive
   - Kevin will ask Quim to try to get David paired up with someone in his
   timezone (maybe Trey also)
   - Kevin will talk to Oliver, who can guide Mikhail
   - Kevin will get a gerrit account, to be able to +1/-1
   - Kevin will organize some kind of kickoff meeting the morning of the
   big day
   - Kevin will check with Moiz
   - Kevin will check with Wes to see what he is planning

[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Discovery#Upcoming_events

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