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Hi all,

I'm forwarding a request for volunteers to help out on December 16 at
the Moscone Center to attend a workshop on Wikipedia sponsored by the
American Society for Cell Biology.  He hopes to get as many as 20
Wikipedians (very optimistic!) but it would be great if we could get
at least ten to come.  I say, "Wikimedians," though because I think we
can talk about quite a bit more than just Wikipedia (Wikiversity and
Wikimedia Commons both come to mind, and can probably )

I will probably make it a point myself to be there, and maybe drag
someone else from the office with me.  But also be aware that December
16 is a Tuesday, so if you have a M-F daytime job, you may want to
call in sick or just not show up, so you can attend this.  Not that
I'm endorsing any of these things...  (Maybe you can take a long lunch

Speaking of lunch, I see that the organizers are buying the volunteers
lunch.  That should be incentive too. :)

Please, let me know offlist if you can make it.


 Bill Wedemeyer wrote:
> 14 November 2008 Hi Cary, The ASCB (American Society for Cell
> Biology) Wikipedia workshop will take place on December 16th, from
> 12:30-2:30pm at the Moscone Center.  Because of security issues,
> and also because the organizers are really nice, the volunteers
> should show up at the Moscone Center at 11am, so that the
> organizers can take us all out to a nice lunch and escort us
> personally to the workshop.  I think the organizers are sincerely
> interested in Wikipedia and Wikipedians, and see great
> possibilities where science and Wikipedia intersect.  Anyway, it's
> a 3 1/2 hour gig in all (11am-2:30pm), although I think volunteers
> could leave the workshop early if they needed to. The organizers
> invited User:TimVickers and me to run the workshop. Basically, the
> organizers would like us all to help their scientists put their
> research up on Wikipedia as referenced articles with newly uploaded
> images.  The scientists will bring the references, images and
> knowledge; all we need to do is help them squeeze all that into a
> good wiki-article.  Tim and I will probably speak for 30 minutes,
> introducing Wikipedia and wiki-markup, and then let the scientists
> start writing from 1pm-2:30pm.  We'll do everything in our power to
>  make it easy for the scientists, who are reportedly smart people.
> ;)  But there's bound to be snafus and confusions and
> misapprehensions, which the personal touch of a few good volunteers
>  could smooth over.  Volunteers won't need their laptops, just good
>  cheer and a willingness to help out some befuddled scientists.
> It's a great opportunity to build bridges with the scientific
> community, and put a human face on Wikipedia.  If the workshop
> works as well as I hope, we'll get more invites from other
> scientific bodies, which in turn means more great scientific
> articles and contributors, which in turn means...you get the
> picture.  We're also recruiting volunteers to help out online.
> Hoping for a good turnout from both communities, Bill

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