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Oh, goodness, I see that Pheobe already wrote about this!

Cary Bass wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm forwarding a request for volunteers to help out on December 16
> at the Moscone Center to attend a workshop on Wikipedia sponsored
> by the American Society for Cell Biology. He hopes to get as many
> as 20 Wikipedians (very optimistic!) but it would be great if we
> could get at least ten to come. I say, "Wikimedians," though
> because I think we can talk about quite a bit more than just
> Wikipedia (Wikiversity and Wikimedia Commons both come to mind, and
> can probably )
> I will probably make it a point myself to be there, and maybe drag
> someone else from the office with me. But also be aware that
> December 16 is a Tuesday, so if you have a M-F daytime job, you may
> want to call in sick or just not show up, so you can attend this.
> Not that I'm endorsing any of these things... (Maybe you can take
> a long lunch too!)
> Speaking of lunch, I see that the organizers are buying the
> volunteers lunch. That should be incentive too. :)
> Please, let me know offlist if you can make it.
> Cary
> Bill Wedemeyer wrote:
>> 14 November 2008 Hi Cary, The ASCB (American Society for Cell
>> Biology) Wikipedia workshop will take place on December 16th,
>> from 12:30-2:30pm at the Moscone Center. Because of security
>> issues, and also because the organizers are really nice, the
>> volunteers should show up at the Moscone Center at 11am, so that
>> the organizers can take us all out to a nice lunch and escort us
>> personally to the workshop. I think the organizers are sincerely
>> interested in Wikipedia and Wikipedians, and see great
>> possibilities where science and Wikipedia intersect. Anyway,
>> it's a 3 1/2 hour gig in all (11am-2:30pm), although I think
>> volunteers could leave the workshop early if they needed to. The
>> organizers invited User:TimVickers and me to run the workshop.
>> Basically, the organizers would like us all to help their
>> scientists put their research up on Wikipedia as referenced
>> articles with newly uploaded images. The scientists will bring
>> the references, images and knowledge; all we need to do is help
>> them squeeze all that into a good wiki-article. Tim and I will
>> probably speak for 30 minutes, introducing Wikipedia and
>> wiki-markup, and then let the scientists start writing from
>> 1pm-2:30pm. We'll do everything in our power to make it easy for
>> the scientists, who are reportedly smart people. ;) But there's
>> bound to be snafus and confusions and misapprehensions, which the
>> personal touch of a few good volunteers could smooth over.
>> Volunteers won't need their laptops, just good cheer and a
>> willingness to help out some befuddled scientists. It's a great
>> opportunity to build bridges with the scientific community, and
>> put a human face on Wikipedia. If the workshop works as well as
>> I hope, we'll get more invites from other scientific bodies,
>> which in turn means more great scientific articles and
>> contributors, which in turn means...you get the picture. We're
>> also recruiting volunteers to help out online. Hoping for a good
>> turnout from both communities, Bill

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