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> Yeah - I think there were last minute problems with the volunteer list in
> general last year - they had also given me 50 tickets to give away which
> further complicated matters (but in a good way!)
> I suspect that if you reach out to the right folks (feel free to hit up
> sherry huss, she...@oreilly.com) and let them know you have volunteers and
> you'd like them to get passes then you should be in good shape.  I'm assured
> they process ought to be better this year...
> Thanks!

I understand that people who showed up to help on setup days had little
hassle, whereas William and I (showing up on Sunday) had a hard time last

Would it just be easiest for all of everyone who's helping to show up during
one of the setup days to get badging dealt with?

I suppose this means I am volunteering, too.

-george william herbert
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