2009/5/28 phoebe ayers <brassratg...@gmail.com>:
> Yes! Jon's stopping by mid-day. See offlist message.
> For Friday: I plan to get there mid-afternoon, around 3pm. Wikihow
> will also be there around that time. You will need to go to gate CC if
> you are coming on Friday. Please contact me if you are planning to
> come down then (George, I know you're coming).
> Everyone: sorry, all the mail about maker faire will be over soon :)
> -- Phoebe
> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Ariel T. Glenn <ar...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
>> When will someone be coming by the WMF office? (If they are planning to)
>> Ariel
>> Στις 28-05-2009, ημέρα Πεμ, και ώρα 14:55 -0700, ο/η Jon Davis έγραψε:
>>> The plan for Friday goes something like this:  I go to WMF HQ & pick
>>> up supplies then head to Maker Faire.  Phoebe will also be in route.
>>> We'll setup, deploy the gear and that's about it. I don't think our
>>> setup will be all that major of an undertaking - As long as we have
>>> tables, network access & computers - everything should be a piece of
>>> cake.
>>> The "doors" close at 8pm anyways.
>>> -Jon
>>> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 13:56, George Herbert
>>> <george.herb...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>         Who has the plan for Friday Night setup?
>>>         Is the get in the front gate deal the same as later
>>>         volunteers, or is
>>>         there a list at the back entrance or what?
>>>         Thanks!
>>>         --
>>>         -george william herbert
>>>         george.herb...@gmail.com

Is gate CC the one in back, behind the expo?

The event map shows that as "Maker and Volunteer check-in".  Is that
the right place for people showing up on the weekend proper to go,
versus the front gate?  Or do we find that out tomorrow afternoon when
we show up?  8-)

-george william herbert

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