Hi all,

Just a quick heads-up to try and summarize what was discussed today. I
see someone also added stuff to the meetup page, but I'm lazy so I'll
just send a quick e-mail.

* Maker Faire:
** The next meet-up will be coordinated by Micah and may focus on
preparation for the Maker Faire. We will probably organize teams to
work on general marketing materials, maker faire-specific materials,
visualization, booth set-up, etc.
** I will help coordinate activities related to the marketing
marathon, printed documents, etc.
** It would be nice to have a specific booth for Commons, with a few
laptops featuring the new upload interface. We would show people how
to upload a few of their photos to Commons, so that they can try to
upload more photos when they're at home. We could tie this to
workshops on how to take pictures of such or such topic (portraits,
objects, etc.). Might be even more easier to attract people and
recruit new participants.

* Wikimania 2011
** Basically, won't happen here.

* Wikimania 2012
** There may be a bid, and it might happen here. If someone wants it to happen.

* Smaller regional conference
** Easier to organize than a Wikimania
** Would be a good opportunity to see what the BA community is capable of
** Mid/late Fall 2010 may be a good time
** It would make sense to organize this in coordination with the Media
participation campaign that we'd like to run about the same time (Fall
2010) to raise awareness about Commons.

I probably left out a lot of things since I focused on stuff that
interest me. Feel free to add to it, here or on

Guillaume Paumier

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