We've talked about the idea of having a "mini-conference" over a couple
different meetups, most notably in the February meetup at the Foundation
offices.  It just so happens that it came up again at today's meetup and
we've finally decided: we're going to do it.

We're aiming for an unconference style gathering, bigger than a meetup,
smaller than Wikimania.  Hopefully in the 100 people range.  It will be here
in the Bay Area, but we're calling it the "West Coast Conference" because
we're hoping to attract people from beyond our little neck of the woods.  We
hope to get a few decent keynotes in there, and some of the "unconference"
talks pre-planned.  That way people will have be able to see what is going
on (partially) in advance and know if they want to come.  Obviously this is
still very much in the planning stage, but that being said it will be held
January 15 & 16, 2011.  This is MLK Jr weekend, and it also happens to
coincide with Wikipedia Day.

More details will be sent out as we figure them out, and posted to the Wiki
page (on meta, link below).  Phoebe will also be sending out her half of the
information in the next day or so (She actually takes notes, handy).

Additionally, since some people get upset with the SF list gets busy with
chatter they aren't interested in, we've setup a separate mailing list.  If
you're interested in the on-goings of this conference, want to help get
involved, etc... please sign up for the list (link below).  Some
"Announcements" will still be sent to the SF list about this topic, for
those not terribly interested.


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