It looks like I'm going to be working on the Brasilian 10th anniversary 
party (I'll be in Sao Paulo on January 15th) but if I can help out in 
some way feel free to hit me up.


On 11/21/10 10:54 PM, Steven Walling wrote:
> Good news is I can semi-officially devote time to this as part of my
> duties for tenth anniversary organizing. Including acquiring some
> awesome swag. Bad news is there are 30 other events I have to keep tabs
> on, so I won't be able to get too hands on.
> I'm in for an IRC meeting on Saturday, and if that's settled I will let
> Portland wiki folks know too.
> Steven
> On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 9:28 PM, phoebe ayers <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello all!
>     As you all know, January 15 is fast approaching! And with it, the west
>     coast wikiconference. I know there hasn't been much recent movement on
>     this .... which is as much my fault as anyone's :)  I'm assuming,
>     however, that we're still enthusiastic about making this thing happen
>     as a community :) So...
>     ==venue and essential questions==
>     * do we want a 1 or 2 day event?
>     * do we want to stay in the women's center? (Eugene, what is our
>     status with them?) Or,
>     * given that we haven't done much to plan this thing, do we want to
>     move into a smaller (cheaper) venue? (I am thinking the SoMa hub,
>     which I believe is available during the day on Jan. 15, though not the
>     evening: We were
>     concerned about it being too small, but I'm not sure if we should
>     worry about that at this point.
>     I would like to get the venue confirmed by the beginning of
>     December, no later.
>     * Money: Eugene has offered Wiser Earth as a fiscal sponsor. If that
>     doesn't work out, I will offer to manage the money for the conference,
>     including putting the money up front for a venue deposit.
>     ==planning meeting==
>     I think it would be good to have an online or in-person planning
>     meeting soon. I know next weekend is the holiday weekend, but what
>     about on IRC planning meeting on Saturday?
>     Let me know what you think -- let's get the ball rolling on this
>     again :)
>     best,
>     Phoebe
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