We (the SF group) have actually talked about doing before, we just wanted to
have a dry run for it first.  That dry run just so happens to be today and
is the West Coast Wikiconference [1].

Seeing is how this "little" shindig oversold by 30% or so, and was really
done in a month by Phoebe & Eugene, I think we could do a Wikimania

[1] http://2011.westcoastwikicon.org/wiki/Main_Page

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 23:36, Joseph Seddon <seddonw...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Wikimedia California mailing list,
> Earlier this month the bidding for Wikimania 2012 opened and I wanted to
> encourage your community to consider submitting a bid. Failing to win
> shouldn't stop you since so much can be learnt by bidding anyway nor should
> the rotation of Wikimania be an issue since there hasn't been a North
> American wikimania since 2006.
> Wikimania provides an excellent opportunity for the local community to come
> together to work on something big and it may well lead on to other things so
> please think about it. Creation of bids closes on February 6th so there is
> plenty of time to create a page and start the work on a bid. California has
> such a vibrant community and a conference here would be veyr successful.
> There is the Stanford bid currently but it might be worth looking at it and
> seeing whether there are better options and if not, go with it and try and
> make it happen.
> If you need any advice please feel free to ask on this list.
> Many Thanks
> Joseph Seddon
> Wikimania 2012 Jury Moderator
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