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> We (the SF group) have actually talked about doing before, we just wanted to
> have a dry run for it first.  That dry run just so happens to be today and
> is the West Coast Wikiconference [1].
> Seeing is how this "little" shindig oversold by 30% or so, and was really
> done in a month by Phoebe & Eugene, I think we could do a Wikimania

Thanks for the confidence, Jon. :-)

I think the conference went really well, and I'm deeply appreciative
for everyone who stepped up. There were a few things that worked in
our favor, and I think it's important to acknowledge them as we
consider doing a Wikimania bid.

We got a lot of free publicity/energy thanks to the 10th anniversary
landmark. I think that greatly contributed to the ease with which we
oversold. That also enabled us to leverage the great work that the
Foundation was already doing for the the anniversary -- schwag, the
party, etc. If we do a Wikimania bid, we won't have that.

The other thing we'll need for a Wikimania bid is for others to step
up early. We had a lot of help the day-of, which was absolutely
critical, but that won't be enough for a Wikimania bid, Phoebe and I
won't be able to shoulder the load. It's too much work, and frankly,
we're too busy. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we can
absolutely support a bid and help make it the best Wikimania _ever_,
bar none. But other folks need to step up early and assume leadership

I hope people will do so. Wikimania is one of the best things since
sliced bread. It's super great, and it would be wonderful to bring it
here. And despite what I said earlier, we also have some built-in
advantages that other places don't have. For example, even though this
needs to be a volunteer event, having the Foundation close by makes a
world of difference.

I think the biggest advantage is that we have a whole lot of
experienced, connected people here who know how to pull this off:
logistics, fundraising, programs, facilitation, etc. And I know these
folks would gladly lend a hand and share their wisdom. So not only
would it be amazingly gratifying to bring Wikimania here -- a feather
in your cap, as it were -- it would also be an amazing learning

I would love it if some folks would step up and take this on as a
challenge! And I will gladly lend a hand.


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