Hey all, just want to let you know about the first San Francisco Hackathon -- 
an event for developers to learn about the MediaWiki world, get their hands 
dirty in a little code manipulation, and so forth. Here's the description from 
Sumana Hariharaswara, the Wikimedia Foundation's Volunteer Developer 

Developers in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, you can create cool hacks with 
and on Wikipedia. Our first San Francisco hackathon is happening Jan. 20-22, 
and we'll be there teaching you about MediaWiki (our software), about our API 
and about our framework for JavaScript feature development. Learn to reuse 
Wikipedia content in your own apps, create new functionality for every 
Wikipedia user around the world, or just tailor your own experience.

Here's the page for more info and signup: 


Pete Forsyth
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