Hey folks, I wanted to draw your attention to a discussion that Pete
started, concerning Wiki BUG (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_BUG).
It is a user group that focuses on less technical issues, and would
cover the region that BART runs to.

I think it is a great idea, and covers more things than have been stated
in the SF group's page. Quim has done a great job, nearly
single-handedly as far as I can tell, to get this group together. I
don't want to see that effort put to waste, so I think it should be
under consideration for merging the two groups together, covering more
than either would alone.

I love the idea of folks working in communities, and getting more people
using wikae to document their communities. I also like the support and
technology that comes out of the WMF. If there is enough overlap, then
it makes sense to work together. The only way for us to know if there is
an overlap is for members to say what they are interested in, and what
they think we should do. So please pipe up in that thread! ^_^


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