In the event that you're overwhelmed with students, you can ask on IRC for help 
in #wikipedia-en-help assuming that some students know how to use IRC. Also you 
can direct people to the Teahouse and some of the online learning tools. I 
assume that you have some kind of introductory lesson plan, but I'm just 
reminding you that there are places to get both tutorials and live help if the 
requests for help get to be more than the instructors at the event can handle.



Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 17:55:15 -0700
Subject: [Wikimedia-SF] editathon tomorrow at the Berkeley Student      

Hi all -
I announced this on the list a couple weeks ago, but figured I'd make a second 
announcement now.  I'll be hosting an editathon at Hoyt Hall, one of the 
Berkeley Student Cooperative's all-women houses.  It'll be at 2519 Ridge Road 
in Berkeley from 3-6pm, with a primary audience of co-opers and Berkeley 
students, although anyone is welcome to attend.  The event will generally be 
themed around women's history and our gendergap, with an especial focus on 
improving Wikipedia's coverage of prominent women in the history of the 
cooperative movement.  

The attendance of a few extra experienced Wikipedians would be especially 
appreciated (I do realize that, unfortunately, I cross-scheduled with the 
iconathon at WMF :).)  We had originally intended for this to be a 15-20 person 
event which I would be comfortably able to facilitate myself, but it's looking 
like we may have as many as 70 or 80 people show up - so having a few extra 
experienced Wikipedians beyond what we already have floating to help make sure 
everything is running smoothly would be awesome.

Most of the participants will be students, and many of them will never have 
edited Wikipedia before.  From talking to some of them, many of them haven't 
even previously realized that Wikipedia is something that can be edited.  In 
other words, they are pretty much our target outreach demographic :)  

If you're interested in helping out on the administrative side, please feel 
free to drop me a note tonight or to show up an hour or so early tomorrow so 
we'll be able to hammer out the last details of a gameplan.  I'll definitely 
have a list of target articles for improvement and intro to Wikipedia resources 
present, but don't have an as thoroughly laid out plan as I'd like to handle an 
event of this size - I ended up spending half this week just fixing Hoyt's 
network problems and installing extra capacity so that we'd actually be able to 
have this many extra laptops on the wireless without everything going kaboom.

Regardless of how well the event tomorrow goes, there will likely be a number 
of themed editathons at BSC house in the future.  I'll ensure that none of 
those wind up being cross-scheduled :) 

Thanks,Kevin Gorman

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