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Wed. Sept. 25, 7:30 pm (in the Mission, details at the URL)

Radical Archiving and Cataloging as Social History
What role do nontraditional archives play in the preservation and
interpretation of peoples' history? This open discussion will explore some
of the opportunities and challenges of radical repositories.

Some of the issues that will be addressed include:

What defines a radical archive?
What can be productive relations between community-based or independent
archives and more established (and establishment) institutions?
What tools and processes are making it easier to document, catalog, and
share oppositional cultural objects?
What is the role of ordinary people in building useful collections?

Lincoln Cushing is a professional archivist responsible for Docs Populi -
Documents for the Public, documenting and disseminating social justice
poster art. He is also archiving consultant with the Oakland Museum of
California helping to process the All Of Us Or None poster collection.
Claude Marks is the Director of The Freedom Archives, a political, cultural
oral history project, restoration center, and media production facility in
San Francisco. Nathaniel Moore is an archivist at the Freedom Archives. He
has a MA in African Studies and a MS in Library and Information Science
from the University of Illinois.

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