Shaping SF is really cool. Chris Carlsson <>, who
started the group, is the guy who helped start Critical
Mass<>bike rides
in 1992 and who has publicized them with several books. He has
also written a number of history essays and books, including Ten Years That
Shook the City: San Francisco
I contributed a chapter, so I'm probably a bit biased:)

They've also started a wiki (on MediaWiki software of course) called Found
SF <>, which seeks to tell
the untold stories in San Francisco history. Some really interesting reads.

I'd also recommend the bicycle history
tours<>Chris leads around the city
- amazing way to see sites/sights you've never
been to and learn all about their history.

And for those local history buffs who aren't aware of the resource, I can't
begin to explain how amazing the SF History
Center<>is at the San Francisco
Public Library's Main Branch. Head up to the 6th
Floor and check it out. Their photo archive is extraordinary.


On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 5:06 PM, Luis Villa <> wrote:

> Possibly of interest to folks here:
> Wed. Sept. 25, 7:30 pm (in the Mission, details at the URL)
> Radical Archiving and Cataloging as Social History
> What role do nontraditional archives play in the preservation and
> interpretation of peoples' history? This open discussion will explore some
> of the opportunities and challenges of radical repositories.
> Some of the issues that will be addressed include:
> What defines a radical archive?
> What can be productive relations between community-based or independent
> archives and more established (and establishment) institutions?
> What tools and processes are making it easier to document, catalog, and
> share oppositional cultural objects?
> What is the role of ordinary people in building useful collections?
> Speakers:
> Lincoln Cushing is a professional archivist responsible for Docs Populi -
> Documents for the Public, documenting and disseminating social justice
> poster art. He is also archiving consultant with the Oakland Museum of
> California helping to process the All Of Us Or None poster collection.
> Claude Marks is the Director of The Freedom Archives, a political, cultural
> oral history project, restoration center, and media production facility in
> San Francisco. Nathaniel Moore is an archivist at the Freedom Archives. He
> has a MA in African Studies and a MS in Library and Information Science
> from the University of Illinois.
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