Hello everybody!

Our next Bay Area WikiSalon is, Wednesday, December 21 at 6 p.m., at
the Wikimedia
Foundation lounge in downtown SF. See link below for full details and to RSVP:

- Sincerely, Wayne Calhoon (and fellow co-organizers Ben Creasy, Pete
Forsyth, Stephen
LaPorte and Juliet Barbara)

My cell number is: 925-899-4051 <%28925%29%20899-4051> if you need to
talk or if something is urgent

P.S. Any help spreading the word through social media or other avenues
is most welcome! We plan to announce this on
various sites and invite various groups; if you would like to join in, check
our meta planning page, and please note any announcements you are

Please feel free to add to, refine, reorganize or edit the above
linked page: it is a wiki!

We need more helpers and organizers, so if you see a need, please jump
in, or talk to us about it!
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