Hi, everybody.

We are excited to remind you of the ninth in the Bay Area WikiSalon series
that is coming up this Wednesday evening.

Details (RSVP suggested) here:
(RSVP helps us know how much food and drink to bring in)

This month we will have a brief presentation about the Wikipedia Teahouse,
plus the usual mingling, lightning talks, announcements from the floor,
munching and so on. We will also try to set up a round table for editing,
if you are into that.

What is a WikiSalon? A monthly safe and inclusive meatspace event conducted
in organized chaos and somebody cleans up the mess afterwards. Livestream
links for the presentation are available during presentation months, and
will be forthcoming for those of you that cannot attend.

Hope to see you there! Wayne (and Ben) - co-organizers
Any last minute questions or suggestions? Please call me at: 925-899-4051
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