Hello Colorado Wikimedians,

Trust everything is well in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

I reached Berlin yesterday in the afternoon for the Wikimedia Conference
2017. I won't bore you with the details of my travels but suffice to say it
was long, tiring but uneventful (which is good :-}).

We kicked off with a meet-and-greet last night. It was good to say a number
of wikimedians I have interacted with in person over the last many years,
others that I have interacted online and yet others whom I met for the
first time yesterday. This is a passionate and (mostly) lively group. Some
are more outgoing than others but all of them are very much convinced about
the work they do for Wikimedia projects.

Both my 'buddies' in the Buddy Project were missing but I suspect that's
because of logisitical issues. I hope to catch up with them today.

We have a series of sessions for the day kicking off in about 30 minutes. I
will report on that at the end of the day or early tomorrow.



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But no simpler. --- A. Einstein
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