Yeah, without pharos, I think we all would have missed this, so props to him for the constant reminders and forwards and all the help keeping this group actually going.

And awesome, Neal. I'm interested as well, but if we can get someone else (Todd? Other organisers?), I'd be happy to defer.


On 14/01/18 23:33, Neal McBurnett wrote:
Thanks, Isarra (and Pharos!!).

I'm once again interested!

Neal McBurnett       

On Sun, Jan 14, 2018 at 10:06:30PM +0000, Isarra Yos wrote:
Hey, all:

Apparently Wikimedians of Colorado User Group can send two people to
the Berlin Wikimedia Conference this year, and the deadline for
registration is tomorrow (15 January) at 16:00 localtime! Because we
totally suck at this, we need to figure out who to send probably...
tonight? If anyone is interested in actually sorting out what's
needed that quickly, you can likely just go, but we do need to
coordinate that now.

So who all is interested? Again, this needs to happen with as much
immediacy as possible.

* We indeed are eligible, per
and as a group two thing they're still paying for it out of
conference budget, so that's not a concern for us
* Registration itself:
* I think if you're up for sorting this out as last minute as this,
it's probably good enough for


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