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Dear Colleagues:

Please join us for the next ITS Colloquium.

4:30 - 6:00 PM, Tuesday February 17
206 Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Wash. Sq. So.

Presenter: Joseph Reagle, NYU Department of Media, Culture, and  

Topic: Wikipedia: Nazis and Norms

Abstract: In 1990 Mike Godwin coined his "Law of Nazi Analogies" to  
capture the common devolution of Usenet discourse into insulting  
comparisons with Nazis or Hitler. Eleven years later, Jimmy Wales  
wrote that it was important that the Wikipedia community "preserve and  
extend our culture of co-operation, with all of us standing as firmly  
as possible against the culture of conflict embodied in Usenet." I  
argue Wikipedia is a realization -- even if flawed -- of a long-held  
vision for a universal encyclopedia: a technology inspired vision  
seeking to wed increased access to information with greater human  
accord. And I claim Wikipedia's collaborative culture is a big factor  
for this success: the norms of "Neutral Point of View" ensures that  
the scattered pieces of what we think we know can be joined and good  
faith facilitates the actual practice of fitting them together.

Joseph Reagle is an adjunct professor at NYU's Department of Media,  
Culture, and Communication where he studies collaborative cultures,  
specifically Wikipedia. As a former Research Engineer at MIT's Lab for  
Computer Science, he served as a Working Group Chair and Author within  
IETF and W3C on topics including digital security, privacy, and  
Internet policy.


For more information:   www1.law.nyu.edu/ili/colloquia/index.html

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