Hi Daniel!
I am truly impressed with your work. Wikimedia as well as Wikipedia should be 
thankful and proud.

Very best regards,
Marika Herskovic

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Subject: [Wikimedia NYC] Belated article work from WSTM2

I have spent the last couple of weeks working on articles related to historic 
buildings on the Upper East Side, related to (though not always using the 
photos from, nor always on the goals list from) Wikis Take Manhattan 2 (yes, 
even though that was a year and a half ago (although I did touch up and improve 
my own pictures from the Headcases team).
[[Lenox Hill Hospital]]: improved pic, and found logo online (free image since 
it's only text).
[[East 80th Street Houses]]: not on list, but used my photo and others by Jim 
Henderson and Americasroof to improve and nominate for DYK
[[Park Avenue Christian Church]]: improved photo
[[1000 Park Avenue]]: not on goals list; new article nominated for DYK
[[St. Vincent Ferrer Church (New York)]]: improved and expanded with infobox 
(the first Catholic church article I've really worked on, believe it or not).
[[East 73rd Street Historic District]]: new one in area (not on goals list) up 
for DYK.
[[Union Club of New York]]: improved picture
[[Church of the Resurrection]]: improved picture and added infobxo to article
[[St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church]]: improved and greatly expanded (I really 
like how this one turned out).
I also moved a couple of Americasroof images (740 Park Avenue, the priory at 
St. Vincent Ferrer and one other of St. Jean Baptiste) to Commons as well.
So, these actvities can yield long-term benefit to the project besides just the 
Daniel Case
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