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> I have spent the last couple of weeks working on articles related to 
> historic buildings on the Upper East Side, related to (though not 
> always using the photos from, nor always on the goals list from) 
> Wikis Take Manhattan 2 (yes, even though that was a year and
> a half ago (although I did touch up and improve my own pictures
> from the Headcases team).
> [[Lenox Hill Hospital]]: improved pic, and found logo online (free
image since it's only text).
> [[East 80th Street Houses]]: not on list, but used my photo and others
by Jim Henderson and Americasroof to improve and nominate for DYK
Very good that someone is taking time for real article work of good
quality.  As for me, the lovely weather this month has put me on the
bike, looking for more places the good photographers haven't seen yet. 
Yesterday was Ft Lee, North Bergen, Secaucus, and Jersey City as far
south as Journal Square for pix near sunset of the structure holding up
the square, which isn't really a town square but an enormously wide
reinforced concrete bridge.  And I got sunburnt and sore and happy.  Did
you know the northwest side of Journal Square is a  Little India
neighborhood?  I never suspected such a thng.  Now, it's time for a few
days at the computer, not so much to add to articles, as to select,
process and upload my pictures, leaving the unbicycled to do most the
picture categorizing, article editing, and other work that doesn't make

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