Patrick (and anyone else who wants to know how to change their list settings);

I'm not a list admin, just another subscriber. The reason I got your messages 
is because when you reply to a message on a discussion list, it's sent to 
EVERBODY on the list. In fact that's what you saw yesterday - a bit of 
discussion about the meeting announcement having a typo in it.

If you, or anyone, wants to change their list subscription settings - for 
example to get a single email a day in the form of a "digest" - or to 
unsubscribe, note that there's a URL in the footer of every single message sent 
through the list. That address will take you to a web page where you can enter 
your password and change your settings.

Most all lists are set up like this. Always also make sure to save welcome 
emails sent by a listserv because they usually contain specific instructions 
about list settings etc.

Anyways, I hope you find this useful. Have a good weekend!

~ Eli Friedman

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