> Do you have, and if not, do you think it would be valuable to create, a
> document listing the status of various cultural institutions in the NYC area
> according to their photographic and other policies that have bearing on
> free-culture? Perhaps that might be a good pilot project for the
> free-culture alliance??
> -Liam

The web site you link to says that they are already maintaining (or
starting) such a list, at least for photographs. This could be the
basis of a separate database.

>From your link:

"This is great news. Inspired by MAD, I have decided to start a
running list of New York museums that allow photography in their
galleries. The following museums allow photography:

    * Metropolitan Museum of Art (link)
    * Museum of Modern Art
    * Museum of Arts & Design
    * Rubin Museum of Art (link)

Institutions that Do NOT Allow Photography:

    * The Frick Collection
    * Guggenheim Museum
    * International Center of Photography
    * Neue Galerie
    * New Museum (with the exception of the current Free exhibition)
    * Whitney Museum of American Art

If you know of other institutions that should be added to our growing
list, let us know. We’ve keeping a running list that will periodically
update here: hyperallergic.com/photopolicy.

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