The Wikimedia Foundation has hired four new staff members to guide the new 
Public Policy Initiative. Annie Lin, LiAnna Davis, Sage Ross, and Amy Roth will 
work with public policy programs at universities across the United States to 
incorporate improvements to Wikipedia articles into the professors' curriculum. 
The Public Policy Initiative will recruit Wikipedia volunteers to work with 
professors and students to identify topics needing attention and give 
professors the tools they need to incorporate Wikipedia editing into their 
classrooms. This pilot project will continue through the 2010-11 academic year 
and is funded by a grant from the Stanton Foundation.
As the Campus Team Coordinator, Annie Lin will work closely with university 
professors, students, and Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors to facilitate our 
outreach and in-classroom training efforts. Annie has a degree in Sociology 
from the University of California at Berkeley, and brings her teaching and team 
development experiences to her new Public Policy Initiative role. 
LiAnna Davis steps into the Communications Associate role with a background in 
online writing and editing, including experience in university communications 
and nonprofit issue advocacy. LiAnna will be the voice of the Public Policy 
Initiative, responsible for communication with professors and the Wikipedia 
community. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from the 
University of Puget Sound and a master's degree in Communication, Culture and 
Technology from Georgetown University. 

As the former editor in chief of Signpost and a longstanding contributor to 
Wikipedia, Sage Ross joins the team as the Online Facilitator. He has been 
campaigning for academic experts to get more involved with Wikipedia since 
joining, and he has led several Wikipedia assignments for courses at Yale 
University. He is an avid photographer and Wikimedia Commons contributor as 
well. Sage is bringing his extensive knowledge of the platform and community to 
recruit volunteers and facilitate communication between the existing editors 
and stakeholders in the project. He holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from 
the University of Oklahoma and master's degrees in History and in the History 
of Science and Medicine from Yale University.
As the Research Analyst, Amy Roth will take the lead role in evaluating the 
process and outcomes of the project, suggesting areas for improvement along the 
way. Amy's extensive experience in data analysis will enable her to ensure the 
initiative develops best practices through feedback from students, professors, 
and Wikipedia's volunteer community. She received her bachelor's degree in 
Biology and Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University and her 
master's in Public Policy and Administration from California State University 
at Sacramento.
We welcome Annie, LiAnna, Sage, and Amy to the Wikimedia Foundation and the 
Public Policy Initiative.

-Daniel Phelps
Human Resources
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