This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, March 2011.

== Board meeting ==
We had one regular board meeting in the beginning of March. Minutes from the
meeting are available in Swedish.[1]

== Annual General Meeting ==
In the end of March, we had our AGM. The chairman Lennart Guldbrandsson
stepped down since he is now a fellow at Wikimedia Foundation. The
treasurer, Kristoffer Mellberg did not run for another year because of lack
of time to be committed. The new board that was elected is:

*Chairman: Jan Ainali
*Member: Lars Aronsson
*Member: Anna Bauer
*Member: Axel Pettersson
*Member: Albin Jacobsson
*Member: Bengt Oberger
*Member: Holger Motzkau
*Member: Sofia Tenglin
*Member: Simon Laserna

Minutes from the meeting are available in Swedish.[2]

The board later appointed Axel as Press Contact and Holger as Treasurer.

== Chapters meeting ==
We sent one board member, Anna, to the chapters meeting.

== Upload of pictures ==
We finalized the upload of the pictures we received from the Nordic
Museum.[3] Before the Annual meeting we had a workshop together with the
museum where we shared our experience to establish best practices and
discussed how we could improve the workflow for the next batch.

== CiviCRM ==
We finished the work with the basic functionality and can, besides of
handling donations, let new members register themselves. We have plans to
merge our blog and static pages on our wiki with the Drupal site.

== Project Internet in Sweden ==
The project has started and completed its first deliverable, a matrix with
all articles in the field ranked on importance and quality.[4]

== Other events ==
*We talked at Dialogkonferensen (the Dialouge conference) on Ă…land about
Wikipedia and participation in volunteer projects.
*We gave a seminar for Rotary Stockholm City about Wikipedia.

== References ==

//Jan Ainali
Chair Wikimedia Sverige
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