The board of Wikimedia Denmark has committed itself to quarterly
reports. This is the first one.


Quarterly Report - April 2011

Members and Economy
Wikimedia Denmark has 20 members at the end of first quarter and a
treasury of approx. DKK 1650,-

Activities in 1st quarter 2011

Two board meetings was conducted; a physical presence meeting in
February and one online in March.

During the quarter, Wikipedia's tenth anniversary gave some Danish
publicity. Unfortunately we had to cancel the planned Wiki-X
celebration, but in 2012 we will be celebrating the Danish-language
Wikipedias 10 years anniversary.

We have continued our talks with various cultural organizations
(detailed below) and with IT-Politisk Forening (IT-Political

We were not able to conduct the planned seminar Kulturarv og
Delingskultur (Cultural Heritage and Shared Culture), but we continue
our dialogue with Dansk Historisk Fællesråd (Danish Historical

IT-Political Association of Denmark
In February we had a meeting with IT-Political Association of Denmark
to see if we have some common interests and concerns. Through a good
dialogue we found out that these common interests only are a few, as
their primary concern is about individuals rights and privacy on the
internet. In some areas, as copyright, we have some common interests,
we have decided to remain in contact, though no further activities are
currently planned.

Planned activities in Q2-Q3-Q4 2011

Collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark
The National Museum of Denmark wants to create Wikipedia articles on
all Danish Runestones. To accomodate this, they will seek to assign an
employee specialised in Runestones and donate pictures of runestones
to the Wikimedia Commons.
The National Museum will create a day, especially for wikipedians to
photograph numerous artefacts and the Museum will further explore the
possibility of donating an amount of existing images to Wikimedia
In late 2011 or in the beginning of 2012, the National Museum
advertises a Wikipedian-in-residence position.

Collaboration with The Danish State Archives
The Danish State Archives wants more public awareness of its holdings,
and will invite Wikipedians to photograph a number of archival
materials, selected jointly by the parties.
The Danish State Archives are examining their options to receive a
Wikipedian-in-residence during 2011. An announcement for this must be

Wiki Loves Monuments
There has been an initial meeting with the Heritage Agency of Denmark
on buildings, monuments, etc.

WikiWednesday is expected to resume in May.

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