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I’m happy to welcome two new members in the Wikimedia blogs family:
the Community blog < http://blog.wikimedia.org/c/community/ > , and
the Global blog < http://blog.wikimedia.org/c/global/ >.

As the Wikimedia Foundation grows, so does our need to communicate
with the rest of the community. Our blogs are a major communication
channel to share news and accomplishments of our staff and volunteers.

Recently, we’ve started to publish more often, to increase
transparency, understanding and collaboration. These new dedicated
blogs are a way for us to structure the conversation with our
community, much like we did in the past with the Tech blog.

Rather than creating completely separate blogs, we’ve decided to build
on the existing Wikimedia blog. For those familiar with WordPress, it
means the community & global blogs are categories that we’re simply
showing more prominently than regular categories. More details are
available in the history of the [[m:Wikimedia Blog/2011 overhaul]]
page on meta.

The new blogs also have shortcuts that you can bookmark:
http://communityblog.wikimedia.org and

The Techblog, which was living separately, is now fully integrated
with the Wikimedia blog; from now on, our readers will be able to find
all our news in one central place.

If you’re only interested in a specific topic, you can still subscribe
to the dedicated RSS feed available at the top of each blog, or in
your browser’s URL field. You can subscribe to the “Main
blog/Highlights” section to be notified only of major news.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to upgrade the software and fix a
few bugs in the theme.

We’ll continue to improve the blogs incrementally over the next few
months. We already have a few ideas, but we’d love to hear your
opinions in the comments of the blog post or on [[m:Talk:Wikimedia
Blog/2011 overhaul]].

Guillaume Paumier

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