This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, April 2011.

== Board meetings ==
*Constituent meeting after the general assembly, where Hoger Motzkau was
appointed treasurer and Axel Pettersson reappointed as press contact. [1]
(minutes in Swedish)
*Regular board meeting, where we tried out Etherpad. [2][3] (minutes in

== Other events ==
We attended Digidel 2013, a project to make 500 000 people who is not yet on
Internet to come online. We also attended an open house event at
[[|.SE]] where they celebrated beeing awarded Utmärkelsen Svensk

== Grant ==
We got a grant of €1000 to use in a photo hunt fråm Cloudberry, a
cooperation by Creative Commons organisations in the nordic countries, which
we are now planning (it will take place in June). [4][5]

== Internet in Sweden ==
The work continued and Johan published a blog post about it in Wikimedia
Foundations blog. [6] After a press release [7] the project was noticed by

== Links ==

Jan Ainali
Wikimedia Sverige
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