The Wikimedia Nederland activity report for May is available. (June to
follow shortly) :

It is also included as text in this message.

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*

* *·         Amsterdam Hackathon

149 participants from 31 countries came to Amsterdam for the Hackathon in
late May. Technologists taught and attended sessions on how to write and
run a bot, use the new Lua templating language, how to move from Toolserver
to the new Wikimedia Labs, design, Wikidata, security, and the basics of
Git and Gerrit. The Amsterdam Hackathon was the best attended event in the
history of the Hackathon so far. Check out the workshops
slides, tutorials, and other reference material. So far, 90 participants
have submitted the post-event survey and results are largely positive, with
(of course) several suggestions for improvements.

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

   - Europeana Fashion Editathon

Centraal Museum Utrecht and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision,
two partners of the Europeana Fashion project, organised a fashion themed
edit-a-thon in cooperation with Wikimedia Nederland and ModeMuze. The goal
of the edit-a-thon was to improve the information and visibility of fashion
articles on the Dutch Wikipedia The day started with a general introduction
about Wikimedia projects and editing Wikipedia pages. 37 participants (many
of them first time contributors and many of them women) edited, translated
or created 27 pages in total. More information: Project
the edit-a-thon

   - Wikipedian(s) in Residence

The National Archives of The Netherlands (NA) and the National Library of
The Netherlands (KB) started the recruitment process for the first Dutch
Wikipedian in Residence (WiR). The group of Special Scientific Libraries
will start looking for two more WiR's later this year. Currently there is
one more project in preparation for WiR's. The expectation is that there
will be 3 to 4 Dutch WiR's by the end of the year.

   - Wiki loves libraries

The project Wiki loves Libraries has been given a new impulse after an
inactive period. Wiki loves bieb is a project of the Public Library and
Wikimedia Nederland (WMNL) to promote the use of and improve the quality of
articles on Wikipedia. A brainstorm session will be organised in August by
BiSC Utrecht and WMNL to make an inventory of activities in the province
Utrecht for 2014. Possibly these activities will also take place in the
provinces Zeeland, Friesland, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland.

*WMNL: participation and support*

   - Brainstorming on participation and communication

On May 4, members, board & staff of Wikimedia Nederland met with
researchers from Motivaction to discuss how the results of the survey
Motivaction carried out <> among
the Netherlands Wikimedia community will be translated into action. The
meeting resulted in new ideas on how to increase participation and
communicate the WIkimedia message.

   - Another issue of the
newsletter<> was

*RESOURCES: Strong and sustainable financial position*

·         WMNL submitted a request for funding to organise activities in
the city The Hague, within the framework of Wiki Loves Monuments. We are
awaiting the outcome of our application.

*ORGANISATION: board, management and support*[

·         Tom Kisters joined the WMNL office on May 1 as staff member for
finances and office management.

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