Here is Wikimedia Israel report for July 2013:
*Celebrating Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary *

   - On July 2013, Wikimedia Israel celebrated the 10th Hebrew Wikipedia
   anniversary. We had a Wikipedia community tribute event and celebrated the
   event with a joint breakfast and watching an Israeli movie in the movie
   theater at Cinema City. The event was attended by about 100 Wikipedia
   Photos on our Facebook page:


   - In addition to the Wikipedia editors meet – up, we were looking for a
   special way to celebrate the Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary - something
   that has never been done before. The result was a unique collaboration with
   TV Channel 2, the most viewed channel in Israel! For an entire week, five
   of the most senior Channel 2 reporters, who learned to edit Wikipedia by
   our volunteers, wrote or extended an article on Hebrew Wikipedia. Then,
   each recorded a one minute video, explaining why they have decided to write
   on this specific topic. Every day, just before the evening news broadcast,
   the video was broadcasted and while the anchor presented the project, he
   explained "we wanted to celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary and show
   that everyone can write an article on Wikipedia”. Happy Birthday Wikipedia!
   Watch The video on our Youtube Channel:

*Program activities*

   - *GLAM
   *On July 23, we had a presentation and an editing workshop to the
   consulting workers in the National Library in Jerusalem, as part of the
   ongoing collaboration.

   - *Africa Center Projec**t
   *As part of the cooperation with Wikimedia Israel, on July 28, a
   delegation of 18 students from Africa Central at Ben - Gurion University
   (BGU) left to Ghana, to install an offline copy of Wikipedia there. We look
   forward to the return of the expedition in October and until then, the
   project was expanded to other networked villages in the region that were
   not part of the original plan. Also, Wikimedia Israel volunteers were able
   to connect the students with local Wikipedia volunteers from Ghana, and
   with their help they continue to expand the project.

*Lectures and Academic Partnerships

   - As a result of the Wikipedia Academy conference held in early June,
   and dealt with the lack of women writers in Wikipedia, forged a new
   collaboration between Wikimedia Israel and the gender Department at Tel
    Aviv University. With the beginning of the academic year, a lecture and
   editing workshop is scheduled to the gender Faculty and MA students. The
   goal is to implement a program in which students will write Wikipedia
   articles on gender issues (and others) as a mandatory course assignment.
   - In the past month, there were a number of  “What is Wikipedia”
   lectures at the Israeli Broadcasting Authority,  at the Ministry of
   Education convention and in  various cities in Israel. The talk was
   attended by more than 200  people in total, and was. The lectures were
   delivered by Wikimedia Israel volunteers as a part of collaborations in
   various fields.
   - 2 meeting were held recently with members of the Student Association
   at the Tel Aviv University, in favor of planning educational project with
   the university faculty and with the. This is a new collaboration and we
   look forward to promote it soon.

*Administrative Updates*

   - On July, we finally finished the recruiting process of our new ED.
   After a series of interviews, we are pleased to announce the joining of a
   new ED – Michal Lester. We look forward to the beginning her employment in
   early September and to a productive and successful development of Wikimedia
   - On July 9, we held a General Assembly to approve few changes in our

*Press coverage*
*Media coverage regarding Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary:*

     • 9.7 – זה התחיל ב"מתמטיקה": ויקיפדיה
     • 9.7 – "ראיון עם דוד שי, "יש לי
     • 9.7 -  ?עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: מהם הערכים המבוקשים
2  News, Mako)
     • 9.7 –  ?עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: רוצים להצטרף לצוות כותבי
     • 9.7 – ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת
עשור<http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4402824,00.html>  (Ynet
     • 9.7 –  ערך מוסף: ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת עשור של ידע
     • 9.7 –  עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית – אמיר אהרוני חושף את הכותבים: "יש
חנונים שזה<http://www.103.fm/programs/Media.aspx?ZrqvnVq=FLELHM&c41t4nzVQ=EF>

          הכיף שלהם"   ( Ben Kaspit Radio Program, 103 FM)
     • 9.7 - ראיון עם דרור לין בתוכנית הרדיו של יעל דן –  (Galatz Radio st).
     • 9.7 – ויקיפדיה העברית מציינת 10 שנים של פעילות – עם קרוב ל- 150,000
ערכים  <http://www.pc.co.il/?p=123688>
          (PC Newa).
     • 9.7 – ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת
עשור<http://www.inn.co.il/News/News.aspx/258832>  (Computers
and Technology Channel 7)
     • 9.7 - ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת
     • 9.7 -  ראיון עם דוד
     • 9.7 – חוגגים עשור: "באנגלית – חיזבאללה היא תנועת חופש, בעברית –
ארגון טרור" <http://ice.co.il/article/view/364271>
          (ICE News).
     •   12.7 – כותבי ערכים בוויקיפדיה התכנסו לחגוג עשור לגירסה העברית של
האתר  <http://glz.co.il/1087-22479-HE/Galatz.aspx>
          (Galatz Radio st).
     • 14.7 – ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת עשור כמו הבלוגיה של
     • 25.7 – ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת
2 News, Mako).
     • 26.7 – המלחמות על הערכים בויקיפדיה
A special investigative report on "the Hebrew Wikipedia edit wars" (
Channel 2 weekly main broadcast).
     • 28.7 -  A unique collaboration with TV Channel 2  - series of 5

           o עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: רוני דניאל על קו בר לב
           o עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: קרן מרציאנו על
           o עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: עמית סגל על הוועדה לשירותים
           o "עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: סיון רהב – מאיר על ליקוטי
           o עשור לוויקיפדיה העברית: אהוד יערי על "מועצת השורא של לוחמי
הג'יאהד <http://www.mako.co.il/news-money/tech/Article-a3a45d96c9a3041004.htm>

*Wikipedia general:*

     • 12.7 – ?למי שייך הידע? למי שייך הרכוש? והאם אנו בעלי הבית או אורחים

           (Masa Efshari Blog)
     • 28.7 – ויקיפדיה שחררה כלי המאפשר למשתמשים לערוך ערכים ממכשירים
סלולריים <http://www.pc.co.il/?p=126267>  (Haaretz).
     • 28.7 – מחקר – איך אפשר לגלות לאן הולכים שוקי המניות? חפשו
(The  Marker).

*Blog posts this month*

     •     July 7 - Celebrating Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary. This
post was written by Chen Davidi, Activity Coordinator of Wikimedia Israel,
and was published on
           Wikimedia Israel

*Upcoming activities*

     •  1- Editathon at the National Library in Jerusalem.
     • 7- A meeting with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.
     • 7-10- Wikimania Hong Kong.
     • 16 - A Thousand words tour at the 'City of David'.
     • 19 – Wikicommons Workshop for the Israeli Navy personnel at the
University of Haifa.
     • 23 – Board development  day and strategic planning.
     • 28 – Wikicommons Workshop for the general public.


     • 9 - Guidance meeting with heritage sites managers, towards WLM
     • 12 - Wikimedia booth at the " scientists Night " event at the Haifa
     • 15 - The opening of WLM competition.
     • 18, 20, 25, 27 – WLM tours.

Chen Davidi
Activity Coordinator
Wikimedia Israel
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