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The following message is just to keep you informed about the activities
developed in July by Amical Wikimedia.

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David Parreño Mont
(As a member of Amical Wikimedia)




   - The Music Museum of Barcelona incorporates a Wikipedian-in-residence
   in order to spread the museum and Catalan music in the Internet. It's the
   first music museum in the world which starts a Wikiproject. It will improve
   instruments, music women and Catalan luthiers' information in the net. News
   item[1]. Marionaaragay
   - Wikipedian-in-residence at the moment: ESM at Jaume Morera Art Museum,
   Galazan at History Museum of Catalonia, Marionaaragay at Music Museum of
   Barcelona and Glòria Guirao at Suñol Foundation.
   - The History Museum of Catalonia uploads to Wikimedia Commons[2] tenths
   of photos about personalities to illustrate Wikipedia articlesd. Galazan
   - 27 July. Edit-a-thon at History Museum of Catalonia[3] to improve
   articles related to 1714. This activity is related to Wikiproject Museu
   d'Història de Catalunya, coordinated by Galazan.
   - 28 July. First conversations with the Science Section of Mataró
   Museum. Vàngelisvillar


   - 4 July. Meeting with Escola de la Llotja within project wikiArS[4].
   - 22 July. Two illustrations uploaded ([5] and [6]) of Antoni de
   Villarroel) within project wikiArS. Galazan


   - The media highlight that Viquipèdia in Catalan reaches a "perfect"
   classification at the List of Wikipedias by sample of articles, based on an
   interview with QuimGil for Europa Press: El Mur Tecnològic (,
   Europa Press, CatalunyaPress, El Punt Avui,, Ara, El Singular
   Digital, Nació Digital, Racó Català, El Periódico de Catalunya, Telecinco
   (EP), El Economista (EP), Yahoo Noticias (EP), ValenciaPlaza (EP) Davidpar
   - The Museu de la Música de Barcelona WikiProject and
   wikipedian-in-residence Marionaaragay also got media coverage at
   L'Auditori, EFE (ABC), Europa Press, Informativos Telecinco (EP), El
   Economista (EP) i Davidpar
   - The WikiMarathon at the Museu d'Història de Catalunya was covered at
   Barcelona TV,, VilaWeb i Racó Català. Davidpar
   - The collaboration agreement with the Women's Institute of Catalonia
   was covered at Microbits, Europa Press i El Periódico de Catalunya. Davidpar
   - The participation of EDRA art & design students in the wikiArS project
   was covered by Ràdio Rubí i Xombit. Davidpar
   - July 25: *El món a RAC 1* interviews QuimGil [7]
   - July 31: A picture with the four stripes wins the Wiki Loves Public
   Art European contest (article in Catalan), VilaWeb[8] Davidpar


   - New members: Vàngelisvillar, Tituscat, Ivan_bea
   - 10 July. Chat via IRC to define Amical's strategic plan.
   - 13 July. Strategic plan meeting.


   - 20 July. Workshop at Work camp[9]. ESM
   - 22 July. The Catalan Institute of Women and Amical Wikimedia sign an
   agreement which aims to add content reflecting the gender perspective and
   women in Wikipedia. News item[10]
   - 29 July. A photo of Barcelona wins the european edition of Wiki Loves
   Public Art 2013 contest. News[11]

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