Here is Wikimedia Israel report for August 2013:

*Wikimania Hong Kong 2013*

   - On August 2013, Wikimedia Israel representatives attended the
   Wikimania International conference held in Hong Kong. Wikimedia Israel had
   2 board members and one employee at the conference, and we were also able
   to give 5 full travel and participation grants and another 1 partial
   scholarship to the association volunteers.

*Program activities *

   - On August 1, we had our second editing workshop to the consulting
   workers in the National Library in Jerusalem.
   - On August 28, we had a WikiCommons workshop to the general public,
   participated by over 30 people. In this workshop, we focused on the release
   of images from past wars and military battles in the history of Israel,
   such as "Operation Horev" and " Operation Uvda".
   - Following this workshop, and thanks to the extensive GLAM  activity at
   the  National Library in Jerusalem, we were able to release, freely
   licensed, dozens of historical photos and embed them in Wikipedia articles.

*Other important GLAM achievements that took place this month as a result
of the cooperation:*

   - Establishment of a new dedicated  help
   the National Library in Jerusalem - designed to answer questions from
   readers and Wikipidians to advise and support writing articles. These
   questions will be transferred to the librarians of the National Library,
   and be given a response within seven days.
   - Establishment of the National Library portal
    at the Hebrew Wikipedia – contains information on collections,
   photographs and history of the library.
   - As of June 2013, Dror Avi, Wikipedian in residence at the National
   Library, maintains an active page on Wikipedia – Out of Wikipedian's Diary
   - devoted to anecdotes, thoughts and special stories from the current GLAM
   activities. You can view it

*Elef Milim (Thousand Words Tours)*

   - On August 16, a "thousand words"  tour was held at the historic City
   of David in Jerusalem and at the Western Wall. 50 Wikipedians participated
   at the tour, and there were over 450 new photos uploaded to Wiki Commons.

 *Lectures and Academic Partnerships*

*“What is Wikipedia” lectures:*

   - On August 6, Wikipedia lecture was held for the organization "Peace
   Now" (Shalom Achshav) attended by 20 participants. Later on, an editing
   workshop was also held and attended by about 10 organization activists.
   - On August 20, we had a Wikipedia lecture for 30 employees of a company
   that provides computer services to the International Bank of Israel.
   - On 19, we had a Wikicommons Workshop for the Israeli Navy personnel at
   the University of Haifa.  As a part of the Glam project at the Younes &
   Soraya Nazarian library, at the University of Haifa, the library hosted 15
   members of the "preserves marine heritage" group, and members of the Alumni
   Association of Naval Officers School, for a writing Wikipedia practical
   workshop in cooperation with the sailor's organization. The event began
   with a lecture on 'writing on Wikipedia' and was followed by a writing
   workshop for beginners with the help of our veteran Wikipedia writers. The
   workshop focused on writing articles ​​associated with the Navy and Israeli
   Shipping history.

*Meetings and new initiatives*

   - On this August, we also started a new and original collaboration at
   the Comic and caricature Museum in Holon, as part of the previous
   collaborator with the Department of Culture and Education of the
   municipality. We hope to release pictures and information about historical
   and political caricatures, mapping missing articles and​​ media lists. We
   expect that cooperation will deepen and yield new and original projects.
   - On early August we had a meeting with the Spokesperson Department of
   the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. The purpose of the meeting was to
   motivate cooperation in favor of releasing audio and video content as well
   as releasing free licensed images of the Broadcasting Authority workers.
   - Further cooperation in the making is a joint project with the Israel
   Philharmonic Orchestra, in favor  of releasing free images and content of
   Israeli composers and artists, as well as musical materials.
   - This month we also had a meeting regarding a new educational project
   in cooperation with representatives of the Director of Education and
   Culture Municipality of Be'er Sheva, Israel. The project's goal is to
   motivate pupils and schools in the city, to take part in writing articles
   about the historic city of Beer Sheva (important figures in the history of
   the city, its institutions, etc.).

*Jewish New Year*
On the occasion of the Jewish New Year, a number of activities were made to
mention the New Year, as part of existing collaborations.

   - As a part of the cooperation between Wikimedia Israel and the National
   Library in Jerusalem, a number of "Happy New Year" postcards, hundreds of
   years old,  were uploaded on WikiCommons . You can view them
   - Also, as part of a new cooperation with the National Sound Archive –
   Archive containing collections records of books, recordings music and
   musical notes from the various Jewish communities, freely licensed files
   were released, containing rare ancient Jewish prayers for Rosh Hashanah and
   Yom Kippur.  listen to them

*150,000 articles to Hebrew Wikipedia*
Another important achievement is that the Hebrew Wikipedia crossed the 150
thousand articles last August.
The event was noted by media coverage and by replacing the Wikipedia symbol
to a temporary new one, designed by Wikimedia volunteer and you can watch
it here. <http://kcs.pc.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/wikipedia300.jpg>

*Leadership Updates*
This month we had a Working meeting for the Executive Committee.  On August
23, the board of Wikimedia Israel, along with the new ED , Michal Lester to
engage in strategic planning for 2014. The meeting focused on building a
work plan, the budget and SWOT analysis.

Prior to joining Wikimedia, Michal served as regional director and head of
two national programs at JDC’s  Centers for Young Adults (CYA). In this
capacity, she was responsible for all the activities of all 10 CYAs in the
central region of Israel. Previously, within the scope of her activities at
the JDC, Michal established and managed The Penni and Stephen Weinberg
Center for Lay Leadership. The center is the first-of-its-kind in Israel
being dedicated to lay leadership growth and change. She serves as a board
member at Jindas, the nonprofit organization for urban renewal in the city
of Lod. Earlier, she served as co-chair of ”Women to their Bodies”, a
women's NGO working to promote comprehensive social change in regard of the
health attitudes of Israeli women, both Jewish and Arab.

*Press coverage*

   - 4.7 – יוצרים ערך: גיא בר וגדעון עמיחי בקמפיין משותף לחגיגות העשור של
   ויקיפדיה <http://ice.co.il/article/view/366161>  (ICE).
   - 7.7 – מהשנה הבאה: תלמידים יערכו ערכים
(NRG Maariv).
   - 11.7 – מבזק הטכנולוגיה: סערת השנאוצר של
(Mako News).
   - 12.7 – פ <http://www.pc.co.il/?p=127998>רויקט של ויקימדיה ישראל לתיעוד
   וצילום תמונות אוויר של המדינה הוכתר כ- "המגניב והייחודי" ל –
2013<http://www.pc.co.il/?p=127998>– (WikiAir – PC News).
   - 18.7 – ערכים בויקיפדיה הופכים לצלילים  - Listen to
   - 19.7 – ליצור ביחד ברשת ולוותר על
האגו<http://www.haaretz.co.il/.premium-1.2096003>– (Haaretz)
   - 29.7 – הערך ה-150 אלף נכתב
בוויקיפדיה<http://www.inn.co.il/News/News.aspx/261627>- (Computers and
Technology Channel 7).
   - 5.7 - Wikipedia founder against censoring
Porn<http://www.themarker.com/wallstreet/1.2089892>( The Guardian -
The Marker).
   - 19.7 – ?האם עריכת ערכים בוויקיפדיה אגרסיבית מדי לטעמן של
נשים<http://www.themarker.com/wallstreet/1.2101143>- (The Marker). Sue
Gardner refers to 'Why are there fewer women editors on

*Blog posts this month*

   - August 
celebrating the Hebrew Book Week in a joint event with the National
   Library in Jerusalem. Written by Shani Evenstein, Wikimedia Israel Board
   Member and GLAM coordinator.
   - August 
"from a Wikipedian's diary"  - about the Cooperation with the
   Center for Israeli Art at the Israel Museum.  Written by Shani Evenstein
   and Yair Talmor.
   - August 
 Wiki Air project was announced at the Hong Kong Wikimania conference,
   the "cool and unique" project of the Wikimedia Foundation for  2013.
   Written by Chen Davidi, Wikimedia Israel Activity Coordinator
   - August 
Initiator and project coordinator of Wiki Air, tells  about the
   and his winning as the cool and unique project competition, of the global
   Wikimedia movement. Written by Amos Meron, Wiki Air initiator.

 *Upcoming activities*

   - 1.9 – Board meeting.
   - 3.9 - Guidance meeting with heritage sites managers towards WLM
   - 9.9 - Wikipedia lecture for the IDF Spokesperson officers course.
   - 11.9 - Board meeting.
   - 12.9 - Wikimedia booth at the " scientists Night " event at the
   National Museum of Science.
   - 15.9 - The opening of WLM competition.
   - 16.9 - General Assembly.
   - 18, 20, 25, 27/9 – WLM tours.
   - 18,24/9 - Professional Photography Tutorials towards WLM competition.


   - 4, 11/10 - WLM tours.
   - 24.10 - "What is Wikipedia?" Lecture, at the department of Gender
   Studies at Tel Aviv University.
   - 25.10 - Thousand words tour to the northern Golan Heights.
   - 30.10 - Editing Marathon to veteran Wikipedians, and an editing
   workshop to the general public.

Chen Davidi
Activity Coordinator
Wikimedia Israel

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