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== Members' Meeting - October 2013 ==

Saturday, October 19th we held the
second annual meeting of Wikimedia Italia], at the Biblioteca Sala
Borsa in Bologna. The regular memebers' meeting was preceded in the
morning by a public meeting on '''Libraries and Wikipedia: encounters
and possibilities'''. The speakers (Luca De Biase, Frieda Brioschi,
Andrea Zanni, Virginia Gentilini, Piero Grandesso) emphasized the
crucial role of libraries and institutions in interpreting the change
in progress in the knowledge, change that passes through the web.

In the afternoon there was the meeting itself, characterized by a very
heartfelt participation, thanks to the presence of new members and
intrigued supporters. As usual, the
'''resolutions'''] approved in previous months by the Board were
presented and voted: the most significant note is the intake as
part-time secretary of Alessandra Gasparini and the agreement with the
National Central Library of Florence.
Highlights of the subsequent discussion, were the opportunity to
incorporate the (not yet existing) Italian chapter of
[http://blog.openstreetmap.it/ Open Street Map] within Wikimedia Italy
and the candidacy of Esino Lario as a place to
[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2015_bids/Esino_Lario host
Wikimania 2015 edition]. Following a really felt discussion, both
proposals were approved (the first unanimously, the second by a
majority vote).
Afterwards, Emma Tracanella (''Director of Wiki Loves Monuments
Italy'') told about the 2013 edition of Wiki Loves Monuments Italia,
flanked by Nemo whose support has been instrumental in the
organization of the competition. In conclusion, some observations were
made on the other projects the Association schedules for 2014. Please
refer to the 
report] (prepared by MLWatts, elected secretary of the meeting) for
full details.

Wikimedia Italia sincerely thanks all those who participated and
contributed with their help to the success of the meeting.

== Iberoconf2013 ==
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Iberocoop '''Iberocoop'''] is the
co-operative that puts together the working groups of the Wikimedia
movement operating in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Italy. From
12 to 15 October 2013 the third meeting of the chapters involved was
held in Mexico City:
Iberoconf2013]. On behalf of Wikimedia Italia participated
[http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Atropine Atropine], who recounted
in a very thoroughly report what happened during the conference. The
main topics covered were the future of Iberocoop and its internal
organization, Wiki Loves Monuments, educational projects and the
possible future meeting, Iberoconf2014 in Uruguay. Carmen Alcazar of
Wikimedia Mexico was appointed as a new coordinator, with the
technical support of Wikimedia Argentina.
For full details, see
the report of Atropine], who in conclusion said: "What I have seen
during this Iberoconf is that people really want to do things and to
show that Iberoconf is an effective and replicable entity."

== Wikimania 2013 local Report==

The report for Wikimania 2013 is finally
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Associazione:Wikimania_2013 on line].
Many Italian members took part to Wikimania: eight of them, in
particular, have benefited from '''WMI sponsorships''' for the
participation. The sponsorship program's main objective is to
encourage and Italian Wikipedians and Wikimedians to take part in
rallies, in order to promote the
[http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Siti_WMF projects of Wikimedia Italia].
Moreoverm there is the desire to enrich each meeting with the
enthusiasm and experience of different groups of the Wikimedia
movement. At the end of an event, all those who have benefited from
the stock market are asked by WMI to tell their impressions and a list
of meetings attended. On the
dedicated page] you can find and read all the reports.

== Past appointments ==

=== Social Innovation CAMP in Florence ===

[http://www.sicampfirenze.org/ SICamp], organized by the newborn
[http://www.impacthub.net/ Impact Hub] of Florence, was an occasion
for young start-ups to meet, an opportunity to "accelerate" their
ideas confronting others and also meet with potential investors.
Wikimedia Italy was present (with [[Utente:Laurentius|Laurentius]] and
[[Utente:Aubrey|Aubrey]]) to bring the experience of collaborative
communities, free licenses and crowdsourcing. The three days were
extremely interesting: our representatives  had the opportunity to
show everybody open source projects such as Open Street Map, which at
least two start-ups will try to incorporate into their services.

=== Bibliohackathon in Florence ===
[[File:Messiti Sannita e Andrea.JPG|thumb|160px|left|Messiti]]

On October 26, a
Bibliohackathon] was held at the National Central Library of Florence
(BNCF), organized by the Library itself and Wikimedia Italia: the
initative was of course born in the group
GLAM/Libraries]. The aim of the meeting was twofold: to let the
activities of the group be known and to offer an opportunity for
deepening of the ongoing activities. The meeting was opened by the
organizers '''Giovanni Bergamin''' (representing the BNCF) and
'''Andrea Zanni''' and '''Cristian Consonni''' (Wikimedia Italia).

The first intervention was that of '''Marco Masucci''' of
[http://www.liberainformatica.it/ Informatica libera] (Free Computer
Science) about Free Software; then [[utente:sannita|'''Luca
Martinelli''']] illustrated the potential of [http://www.wikidata.org

'''Raffaele Messuti''' then introduced the software
[http://OpenRefine.org OpenRefine]; following it, '''Maurizio
Napolitano''' told about the [http://OpenStreetMap.org OpenStreetMap]
project, pointing out how many different and unexpected feature could
arise from it. '''Anna Lucarelli''' of the National Library closed the
morning session, illustrating the relationships created in recent
months between Wikipedia entries and the BNCF Thesaurus.

The day's program can be seen

(Photo: ''Messuti explains to Andrea and Sannita the functionalities
of OpenRefine'' by Giaccai, [CC-BY-SA 2.5]).

== Future Appointments ==

* November 4, Mestre: the meetings organized by the Library VEZ of
Mestre start. The meetings are parte of the '''Wiki VEZ project''',
toward the creation of article in the Italian Wikipedia about Venice
and its mainland. The dates are 4-11-18-27 November and 4 December
2013: the last round will sport an Editathon about the glass of
Murano, at the conclusion of which some participants will be selected
to do an internship in some Murano glassworks. Go to the
event page] for schedules, details and entry form.

* November 7, Treviso: the meeting for the librarians '''New libraries
for new readers''' is approaching! The meeting is organized by the
province of Treviso for the 2013 edition of
[http://www.venetolettura.it/ Veneto Lettura]. The meeting includes an
intervention of our
[http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Virginia_Gentilini Virginia
Gentilini] on "Libraries and Wikipedia". Details and timetables are
available at the
reference page] on the site.

* November 12, Milan: [http://wiki.wikimedia.it/wiki/Utente:Frieda
Frieda Brioschi] (''President of Wikimedia Italia''), together with
Carlo Freccero and Alessandra Ghisleri, will be a host of the event
'''New Media e informazione''', with Jacopo Tondelli as moderator. The
meeting, which is part of the project Fuorigeco, will be held at The
Hub Milano, from 19 to 21.

* November 14, Stra (VE): for the Week of the enterprise culture of
Confindustria, the [http://www.museodellacalzatura.it/ Museo Rossimoda
of the shoe], together with [http://www.europeanafashion.eu/ Europeana
Fashion], organizes at its headquarters in Villa Foscarini Rossi an
edithaton]. Privileged recipients: students of the University of Padua
and the IUAV of Venice whose studies are related to marketing and
fashion design. Hours 10-16. For Wikimedia Italy
[http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Virginia_Gentilini Virginia
Gentilini] will attend.

* November 16, Ivrea: at [ Officina H]
the meeting [http://www.didatticaaperta.it/ '''Didattica Aperta''']
(Open Education) is scheduled. The theme of the meeting is "Free
access to software and knowledge in the School and University". The
event will provide an opportunity to discuss sharing of knowledge and
free resources in training. The invitation is extended to everybody,
but places are limited. To register, simply fill out the
[http://www.didatticaaperta.it/registrazione-2013 form on the site].

== News from Wiki World ==
* Wikimedia Foundation announced that it has launched an investigation
on the accounts who write and edit Wikipedia articles for promotional
purposes. Sue Gardner, retiring Executive Director, wrote a
post on the blog of the Foundation]; in Italy some media wrote about
the question: 
Tom's Hardware],
Punto Informatico].

* On the blog of Wikimedia Foundation the October report for
Wikisource strategic vision] project was just published. Among the
participants there is the Head of Wikimedia Italia projects, Andrea

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