Dear Wikimedians,

On November 27, 2016 Wikimedia Hungary held a general meeting, which
elected the board of the chapter for the next two year.

The new boards is:
* president: Péter Gervai (User:grin, re-elected)
* executive vice-president: Tamás Mészöly (User:Samat, re-elected but new
* financial vice-president: Balázs Viczian (User:Vince, new)
* board member: Orsolya Gyenes (User:OrsolyaVirág, re-elected)
* board member: Anna Krizsán (User:nyiffi, new member).

Gábor Bihary (User:Peyerk) and Mónika Balogh (User:RepliCarter) resigned
from the board.

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