Is the donor anonymous? If not - who was it, what was their stated reason,
and how much was their donation?
Should we have a "donation meter" on top of the WM-au site - whilst the
Foundation's goes up to 6million ours can go all the way to $25. We're bound
to hit our target that way!

On a more serious note:
What is the rules about donations received in australia being given to the
Foundation. I know that the law in Germany says this is not allowed and
therefore the German chapter uses their money to provide things like the
tool server. In other countries they are allowed to pass the money forward
and this is what they do - the money going into the Foundation's larger
collection. This will not affect us this year but it may do in the future.
What is the law/our rules?


On 11/25/08, Brianna Laugher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I thought I would let you know something cool. We have just received
> our first donation! :)
> I received a couple of emails to our contact address about how to
> donate or if donations to us were tax deductible. (For the record they
> are NOT.) I think it is people coming via the WMF fundraiser
> <>.
> It surprises me pretty well because if you go through how many clicks
> you have to do to actually get to the WMAU website, it's really not a
> trivial thing at all.
> So I set up a page <> that will
> hopefully better funnel these hardy link-followers towards our
> coffers, since they are so keen. :)
> Anyway... how exciting is that! We are the lucky recipients of amazing
> goodwill towards Wikipedia. Let us take that and then earn some more
> in our own right as well.
> cheers
> Brianna
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