2009/1/22 Kimberlee Weatherall <k.weather...@law.uq.edu.au>:
> Interesting indeed. They seem to be proposing an interesting blend of
> community and control. Wonder how that will work out for them?
> My personal favourite line is that "It's very much used by many people
> because it covers many topics and it's the No.1 search result on Google.
> It's not necessarily that people go to Wikipedia"
> That just doesn't strike me as true, but I guess I don't know the evidence.

In my experience, it's not true.  There actually people who e-mail
OTRS talking about how they have Wikipedia as their home page or how
we should make the cursor show up in the search box by default -- they
actually go to our main page and search from there. :-)

A lot of people definitely come from Google (or at least realize how
awesome we are ;-)), but there are other people who go straight to

Casey Brown

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