This is still on the boil but they're still having internal discussions at the powerhouse. The proposed date now is the first Friday of march- the 5th (from memory).

So, keep adding people to the list on WM-au-officialwiki and once we have a firm date and an official "greenlight" we'll publicise.

I think, contrary to what I said previously, we'll leave the organisation at officialwiki so as to make absolutely sure that those who sign up will be coming. This means non-members of WM-au will have to get a member to sign them up rather than just people signing up willynilly. The reason for this is of course that there is a strict size limit.

So, when I know more, I'll tell you ASAP.

-Liam [[witty lama]]

On 06/02/2009, at 18:58, private musings <> wrote:

by which I mean I think one would be good! - or 'let's try and keep some momentum on that' :-)

I reckon it's probably time to start rattling a few cages here and there - I certainly have a couple of folk in mind to see if they might want to attend - otherwise, perhaps we need to sort of pencil in some timescales for decision making etc. - hopefully it's happening in the next few weeks, so if you're interested in attending this rather cool event in Sydney, please do reply to this email, edit the wiki page linked above (if you can) - or otherwise by hook or crook get in touch :-)


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