Generally, each bank around the world has a "SWIFT" code. The SWIFT code is
a unique identifier for each bank for international money transfers. For
example, the Commonwealth Bank is CTBAAU2S.


Usually all that someone would need to provide to their bank to make an
international transfer is the SWIFT code, the BSB and the Account number for
an Australian bank. (Other countries use different variations on a BSB - for
example, the UK use a Sort Code, the US use an ABA number).


On a side note, to send money to a bank in the EU a SWIFT code (known as a
BIC there) is not enough. You need to supply an IBAN number, which is a
combination of a Country Code, SWIFT/BIC, Sort Code (depending on country),
Account Number and a check digit.



Nick Perkins



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Yes, it is possible. We've had foreign payments into the WMA bank account
before using [[Swift]]. I've sent money to the US before - I just went into
my bank and told them I wanted to transfer money to an American bank account
and they organised it for me but that was a long time ago and I'm sure there
are easier ways to do it now. Brian or Angela probably know more about this
sort of thing. 

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g'day all,

so I have this friend in the US who'd like to donate $20 to the AU
chapter.... is this possible? and if so, how? :-)



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