2009/2/10 Liam Wyatt <liamwy...@gmail.com>:
> According to the reading by the Copyright Council of Australia (who are the
> most conservative in these matters) the rules are that the image is PD if
> the photographer *died* before 1955 - not whether the photograph was
> *published* before 1955. So, in the case of Anon photographers this gets
> even trickier.
> http://www.copyright.org.au/information/introduction/intro-5.htm

Photos are a special case. Prior to the FTA changes, the rule was 50
years after the photo was *taken*. Any photo taken in Australia before
1 Jan 1955 is in the public domain in Australia.

After the FTA changes, the rule became life of the author plus 70,
just like for other types of works. This applies to any photo taken
after 1 Jan 2005, or any photo still in copyright as at 1 Jan 2005.

That's only Australian copyright though, things can be under copyright
still in the US even if they are out of copyright elsewhere, thanks to
stupid American copyright law.

Stephen Bain

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