I've already touched base with the committee on this, but I'll spread
the word a little further. Some of you may remember my attempts to
contact people associated with the introduction of Wikipedia as a text
for HSC English in NSW, and after some time I have received a

A contact at the Catholic Education Office who is responsible for
coordinating the English departments at 16 catholic secondary schools
in southern Sydney rang me yesterday to have a chat. They were having
a meeting to discuss the agenda of a number of meetings they will be
having throughout the year, and one of the items they were going to
consider is to discuss Wikipedia. The idea has been touted that a
representative of WMAu could speak at one of these meetings, or
alternatively we could put together an information package.

The meetings are at Revesby, and the next one will be on March 24th at
1.30pm. I will be in Sydney that day, although getting to Revesby
might be a little tricky (from Epping via public transport). So, is
there anyone else who may be interested in helping out with this? I
think they would particularly like someone with a bit of status either
in WMAu or WP, so committee members and admins and the like would be
welcome. I know that Liam has given a similar presentation before,
which would certainly lighten the load for anyone interested. If
no-one's available this time, I can ask about future meeting times or,
like I said, we can put together something for them to look at


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