Very relevant conference below - focusing entirely on the public domain.

Jessica Coates
Project Manager
Creative Commons Clinic
Queensland University of Technology

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Unlocking IP 2009 Conference -

National and global dimensions of the copyright public domain

16-17 April 2009 - UNSW Sydney

UNSW's Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre invites you to register now for an 
international conference from the 'Unlocking IP' ARC research project, which 
investigates how Australia's digital commons, both the public domain and public 
rights created by open content and open software licensing, can be expanded and 
protected. It focuses on 'self help' actions within the existing statutory 
context, in Australia's distinct legal and cultural context, and on 
comprehensiveness - we offer preliminary results from the first survey of 
Australia's digital commons, with data from National Library of Australia.

The conference includes reports and case studies from the front line, where new 
models for sharing and trading intellectual property meet the reality of 
business, government and educational demands, new technological opportunities 
and lessons learned from implementation of licences like Creative Commons and 
Free for Education. Book publishing under hybrid business models at Sydney 
University  Press, online user generated content using Wikimedia, and 
international initiatives like the US '' and China's IP abuse rule 
are featured, alongside detailed analysis of emerging legal and policy 

A highlight of the conference will be the launch of the 2009 Consumers 
International IP Watch List. Arising from the CI Access to Knowledge project, 
the list identifies countries whose IP policies and practices are harmful to 
consumers. It is used as a counterbalance to the United States' "Special 301" 
Report, which is an annual report highlighting countries that supposedly do not 
provide strong enough protection for the interests of US intellectual property 

The venue is Law Faculty of UNSW, Kensington Sydney, close to beaches, parks 
and Sydney CBD.

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