I'm happy to se you guys moving things along. 

Just a few people who may be influential. 

At the National library. Warwick Cathro. 

Roxanne Missingham from this list.


A bit left field but someone from this group

just so they consider a wiki when they start to add apps to this area.

for obvious reasons


and of course, wayne mcintosh from wikieducator. He's in otago, NZ now, so
not far to come (to speak?)


Not sure if you want to consider this.

Have suggested to Brianna about linking (live) between BA and other global
spots like Sydney, etc

Maybe the guys at aarnet might be interested in linking between Canberra,
other aussie places and San fran.

It's a promotional opportunity for them. 


Here's a starting point.

Might help broaden things out of Canberra.


All the best, 







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