G'day all,

I thought I'd write a brief note about last night's Sydney meetup :-)

It was great to welcome Mathias and Jennifer (from the german chapter, and
the wikimedia foundation respectively) to Sydney - and we had a really good
turnout (even though some of the better looking wiki types chose to make a
late entrance ;-) - The Belgian Beer cafe lived up to its name, and lively
conversation, as well as the eponymous drinks flowed swimmingly. There were
a fair few folk attending their first meetup, and hopefully not their last -
we covered a wide range of topics, from the upcoming GLAM festival, through
to how we, as a chapter, can better communicate our social / informal events
such as last night - apparently many wiki types in Sydney were entirely
unaware of both meetups and the chapter!

All seemed to me to anticipate an extremely interesting, and rewarding
'GLAM' conference on Thurs / Fri - and of course it's particularly timely
given the recent legal issues between the National Portrait Gallery, and a
wiki contributor - perhaps Australia can lead the way in actually building
relationships, and supporting dialog :-) I'm one of the folk who would like
to attend, but just can't get away - something I intended to raise last
night, but forgot, was to ask about the possibilities of participating
remotely - I wonder if there's any infrastructure for webcasting any of the
event - or participating via IRC, or Skype, or something? I may not be the
only person interested....

All in all a great meet - although having arrived late, this Private muse
was prepared to kick on beyond the 10pm most folk headed back to their
beds... probably for the best :-)


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