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> G'day all,
> I thought I'd write a brief note about last night's Sydney meetup :-)
> It was great to welcome Mathias and Jennifer (from the german chapter, and
> the wikimedia foundation respectively) to Sydney - and we had a really good
> turnout (even though some of the better looking wiki types chose to make a
> late entrance ;-) - The Belgian Beer cafe lived up to its name, and lively
> conversation, as well as the eponymous drinks flowed swimmingly. There were
> a fair few folk attending their first meetup, and hopefully not their last -
> we covered a wide range of topics, from the upcoming GLAM festival, through
> to how we, as a chapter, can better communicate our social / informal events
> such as last night - apparently many wiki types in Sydney were entirely
> unaware of both meetups and the chapter!

I will be glad to hear about any practical conclusions on this front,
short of monopolising the English Wikipedia geonotice. :)

> All seemed to me to anticipate an extremely interesting, and rewarding
> 'GLAM' conference on Thurs / Fri - and of course it's particularly timely
> given the recent legal issues between the National Portrait Gallery, and a
> wiki contributor - perhaps Australia can lead the way in actually building
> relationships, and supporting dialog :-) I'm one of the folk who would like
> to attend, but just can't get away - something I intended to raise last
> night, but forgot, was to ask about the possibilities of participating
> remotely - I wonder if there's any infrastructure for webcasting any of the
> event - or participating via IRC, or Skype, or something? I may not be the
> only person interested....

Recordings will be made, but there is no provision for streaming them
live. AFAIK it is expensive and difficult. If we do have any
associates who are happy to volunteer their time and skills to make
such a thing happen at some future event, I hope they will step

There will be wi-fi but with over 170 attendees the bandwidth may well
be questionable. There is no planned real time online interactive
activity. (...Won't people be at work, anyway?)


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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