I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the GLAM get together.

And hopefully you jetsetters are starting to recover from Wikimania.


I was wondering if this would be of interest to anyone, so far as the first
(revenue based) project, under a wiki australia banner, which might help
achieve some of the things GLAMwiki aims to do? No. 6


I'm taking it, that if we can get a Minister to put a policy in place that
says "every Aussie cultural institution will put an adequate license on
every cultural web site", some of the things Liam and Brianna spoke about
will become possible. And these will need to be scoped here. More
importantly, it might provide for the birth of new media industries, and
educational institutions. 


I'll also point to this url as I'm pretty sure it will be(come) useful in
resolving the concept of having a commons in one domain, and sharing it with
another. (And Wikimedia and OCLC are going to have to put their heads
together about this sooner or later, because they are the main .org for
influencing global libraries).




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