Hi guys,

Recently the NLA contacted us wanting permission to archive the
Wikimedia Australia website. It is now archived on their Pandora
archive at http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/107722.

The NLA is currently conducting a survey on community attitudes
towards their collection and their creation of digital material,
focusing on how much effort they should put into archiving digital
material (like the WMAU website, for example) and digitising their
archive of hardcopy material (i.e. books, journals etc). This is
obviously important for accessing free information and free culture in
Australia and if you would like to complete the survey you will find
it here - http://survey.acnielsenonline.com/wix1/p477643250.aspx?type=1

Thanks to the guys who brought the survey to our attention.

Cheers all,

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