Hi all,

We're a day over three weeks away from the 2nd Wikimedia Australia AGM, so
it's probably a good time to start filling in the red links here;


No doubt a few folk are still making up their minds etc. - but it'd be great
to have a bit of an open discussion about the committee makeup for next
year, and see who's planning on sticking their hands up to do which jobs!
The committee is of course only one aspect of WMAU, and I'd also quite like
to have a bit of a wider ranging discussion about participation in general -
how people have enjoyed this year, and what WMAU could do more of in the
coming year to grow and improve :-)

Personally, I'd like to see us grow membership as a priority, partly by
encouraging existing wiki volunteers at the various projects to join up, and
partly through direct events like the 'backstage pass' initiaves, as well as
things like corporate membership properly setup and running.

Hope you're all good, and if you're in Sydney - make sure Sunday the 28th is
in your diary (if you're clever and realise that Sunday is in fact the 29th,
and you also know whether the AGM is planned for sat. or sunday, could you
head over to the wiki and fix it ;-)


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