The main problem I found in Perth is that people just do not want to join
something that they don't feel part of, that they see as remote. I am in
fact the only person who was a member at both 2008-09 and 2009-10 AGMs - we
lost four members during the year, although we gained two so I'm not all
lonely over here.

What we need to do I think is (just off the top of my head, so this isn't
too refined)

* For areas where we have members (preferably two or more), they come up
with a project idea. e.g. the local museum, library, whatever.
* We talk to the people or groups that had successful strategies
(Powerhouse, QM, various others), and talk to them about what worked
* The Committee makes a list of the sorts of things we can say, sorts of
things we can't say based on our constitution, mission and any legal or
other constraints. Make sure we promote our mission, while not promising
anything we can't deliver.
* Create an area on the Wiki that each can use for collaboration, and a
central page for discussion and questions
* Link up with CC and other like minded places to get more local people on
* Each group then goes to try and get their project happening
* We celebrate their successes when and where they occur, and provide
encouragement for those who need it (some will come easy due to cooperation
on the other side but others will hit brick walls or maybe even need to get
new projects, that's a given)

This way we have a multi-pronged, member-driven pathway of "getting runs on
the board" in various areas around Australia which can then be used to
expand membership and interest in the chapter. We won't be seen as overly
focused on the major cities as we'll have little lights going on all over
the country, possibly in some quite unexpected places.

What do others think about this sort of strategy?


2009/11/30 Lloyd Nguyen <>

> As with the folks in Sydney, in Brisbane we talked a bit after the AGM
> as well, particularly about membership. I was wondering if we could
> perhaps do some brainstorming for ways to improve our membership.
> Keeping everyone engaged would help make the registration fee feel
> worth it.
> Aside from holding more meetups, one of the ideas we threw around was
> having some sort of photo scavenger hunt, similar to what Wikimedia
> New York has done. We also wondered about the reasons why people would
> leave, as well, so creating an exit survey of sorts could be a good
> idea. Regular surveys, in general, would help, as well.
> Does anyone else have any ideas on types of events, and such? If not,
> even just organising a meetup for your local area/state/whatever would
> be great.
> 2009/11/30 private musings <>:
> > G'day all,
> >
> > Congrat.s are also due to all elected folk (details at
> > ) - and following the business
> end of
> > the meeting, in Sydney we discussed things like getting organised for a
> > 'Wikipedia Day' in January (it's the site's 9th birthday you know -
> heading
> > rapidly for double figures!), as well as trying to expand membership, and
> > have regular (monthly?) events / meetups to try and keep membership
> engaged,
> > informed, and excited!
> >
> > I believe the committee are getting organised to meet in person in the
> new
> > year, and no doubt we'll hear more good stuff anon... but for now, just a
> > sincere 'well done' to the folk involved in organising the AGM, and a
> note
> > that here in Sydney, we're shooting for one more mini-meetup before
> > christmas, it would be great to get as many folk along as possible, and
> on a
> > related note, I've just created to
> see
> > if a centralised meetup area on the 'official' wiki might help - please
> do
> > add info. from other states as appropriate :-)
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> > Peter,
> > PM.
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